Nautilus Projects and Design

Our Essence

Nautilus Projects And Design employs over 50 people and complies with all current legislation including the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, Skills Development Act and Promotion of Access to Information Act.

Nautilus Projects And Design is committed to:

  • The belief that safety takes precedent over all other considerations and as such will not be compromised for expediency or profit.
  • The process of developing the skills of all of our workforce and recognize that we have a responsibility to ensure the well-being of all staff.
  • The belief that our people are our strongest asset.
  • Investment in training, plant & equipment and software necessary to ensure that we remain competitive and abreast of the latest technologies.
  • Continuing our efforts to broaden our customer base and to supply the high quality of service on which we have built the company’s reputation.
  • Quality excellence and all work is performed to ISO quality standards for which they are in the process of achieving certification.

GIZA TECHNOLOGIES, the Nautilus Projects and Design holding company, also offers Apprenticeships and Engineering Internships and we further facilitate in house training for Semi Skilled Staff.