Engineering Services

Turnkey Services

Turnkey Services

Nautilus Projects And Design offers the following services:

  • Turnkey Engineering Solutions
  • Project Management
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Instrument Engineering
  • Structural, Mechanical, Plant and Electrical Designs of the following:
    • Bulk material conveying and handling systems
    • Mineral processing plant (including OEM supply)
    • FMCG processing plant (including OEM supply)
    • HDPE, lined steel, carbon steel and stainless steel piping & pumps
    • Hydraulic and pneumatic power and control systems
    • Tanks for bulk storage and material processing

E and I Services

Nautilus Projects And Design offers Commercial and Industrial Electrical Engineering including:

  • Design & manufacturing of distribution panels and mini sub-stations
  • Plant, Factory & Industrial electrical reticulation and installation
  • Installation and upgrading of transformers
  • Supply and installation of pumps and motors
  • Supply and installation of generators
  • HV and LV reticulation
  • Lightning Protection
  • Robotics
  • Maintenance and Servicing

Automation Services

Nautilus Projects And Design also provides Process Control Engineering including:

  • PLC system integration
  • SCADA and HMI (Human-Machine Interface)
  • Software development
  • Production monitoring systems
  • Ergonomic studies
  • Assembly simulation


Nautilus Projects And Design is a leading supplier of both mobile, semi-mobile and fixed equipment.

  • Crushing, screening, washing, stockpiling and various material handling and processing solutions.
  • Conveyer pulleys
  • Conveyer frames and rolls
  • Conveyer belting
  • Scrapers
  • Stainless steel fabrication
  • Structural steel fabrication

Maintenance Services

Nautilus Projects And Design has a fine reputation of working closely with clients during the design and installation phases of new plant projects and during the early stages of expansion and optimisation projects.

Nautilus Projects And Design has a team of highly skilled engineers with extensive maintenance experience who are able to identify opportunities for minimising maintenance downtime and reduce maintenance equipment costs such as scaffolding, cranes, etc.; and reduce overall health, safety and environmental risks.

Nautilus Projects And Design also provides:

  • Design and implementation of preventive maintenance systems
  • Management of scheduled & planned maintenance.
  • Computerised data management and recording systems.
  • Plant assessments and Maintenance Package proposals.
  • Operation and Maintenance of mines, factories, processing plants.
  • Shutdown maintenance services for any industry.

Design Services

All 3D designs involving structural, mechanical and pipe routing are done on up-to-date Autodesk Inventor software. Your product is designed and developed into a working 3D model right down to the bolts and nuts thereby eliminating reworks and modifications done on the floor due to clashes and design errors. AutoCAD 2D is used for conceptual work and civil designs while Inventor drawings are converted to AutoCAD for ease of sharing and quick modifications in the concept stage.

Inventor is able to open and convert models from various software packages and translators.

Design Services And Procedures:

  • Conceptual / Block designs for proposals and initial project specifications are represented in 3D and 2D drawings.
  • Engineering designs and calculations for equipment specification and structural member selection.
  • Conceptual 3D design with selected equipment for design review and approval.
  • Civil layout design on finalisation of equipment position and transfer points.
  • Final design layout and 3D model for design review and acceptance
  • Civil designs and bending schedules for issue to client for civil works.
  • Detail designs and manufacturing drawings.
  • Laser templates for plate procurement
  • As-built designs to be concluded on commissioning of plant